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RTEQ Ltd covers a range of areas, including residential homes, as well as the commercial, retail, and hospitality sectors. This all takes place in London, and we strive to offer fantastic technology consultancy services to all. To do this we embrace smart technology, and show the benefits to our customers. For a great property, ran by the latest technology, call us today.


The technology we offer helps to make your home a friend. Automation gives you a home to pick out your favourite TV shows, adjust the lighting to suit your mood, and keep the room temperature at a comfortable level. This is all done before you’re even home, giving you a stress-free evening every time.


While you’re at work the ideal situation is a comfortable workspace that it environmentally-friendly. Intelligent, full-spectrum lighting keeps you feeling fresh while saving electricity, and we’re also create fully interactive conference rooms. Forget technical issues and bring the world to you when you choose RTEQ Ltd.

Our smart TV controlling a home in London

For further information on our technology consultancy services, call us, in London.

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The ambience of a retail environment may have a psychological effect on your customers. Create something amazing when you choose us. We allow you to set the tone, control foot traffic, and highlight key products. We’re also able to protect your hard work with our state-of-the-art security systems, making your business safer than ever before.


For a welcoming atmosphere, choose us. Hotels, spas, restaurants, bars, and clubs all benefit from this work, and fine-tuning the surroundings has a huge impact on your guests. Lighting, music, air conditioning, and water temperature may be time consuming to do on your own, but with smart technology it’s as easy as can be. It’s cost-efficient, and simple to do, so why wouldn’t you take advantage of our services?